Five minutes with The Iron Horses

"It's rock and roll that's gonna make you want to get off your seat, punch an elephant and dance the heels off your boots."

The Iron Horses are hitting the Lust for Live stage on Saturday, June 18 at the Macquarie Inn.

Lust for Live's Clinton Hoy caught up with the band in lead-up to the show to find out what we can expect from the Sydney rock and rollers.

L4L: The Iron Horses is a very evocative band name - what inspired the choice?

When we first starting jamming together, we would meet up on a Friday night before hitting the town and jam through a bunch of songs that we were working on. Pre-drinking is vital in Sydney when you're broke so we would religiously buy a bottle each of Iron Horse bourbon. Things got pretty messy and The Iron Horses were born.

L4L: For those who haven't had the fortune of seeing you, how would you describe the experience?

The show is certainly a lively experience... It's rock and roll that's gonna make you want to get off your seat, punch an elephant and dance the heels off your boots.

L4L: You've been to Dubbo before - is there a different vibe playing regional shows?

We were in Dubbo a few months ago for the first time and had a blast. The difference is the people. In the cities people rarely acknowledge or credit a performance. The regional gigs are great because people want to have a drink after the show and get to know what we're about. We love that.

L4L: Congrats on the new EP, it sounds great - can you tell us about the work that's gone into it?

Thanks! the EP has been a longtime coming. We actually finished recording in October but the process after that has been really long! Production / mastering / promotion / artwork all takes time along with gigging and rehearsing. We're really happy with it though and will be back in the studio soon to get our next release finished.


L4L: What does the rest of 2016 hold for the band?

For the second half of this year, we will be continuing to tour and fingers crossed we will have the album finished by the end of the year.

L4L: And lastly, what are your top 5 songs from other bands with animals in the name?

  1. Rolling Stones - Wild Horses
  2. America - A Horse With No Name
  3. Guns'n'Roses - Dead Horse
  4. Crazy Horse & Neil Young - Hey Hey My My
  5. Band Of Horses - The Funeral