Five minutes with Johnny Wood

"I reached a point where my tennis racket needed new strings so mum bought me an electric guitar..."'

Johnny Wood is a dedicated local musician who has been providing high-level entertainment to Dubbo pub goers for years. 

August will see him make his L4L debut and we can't wait to see what Johnny and the band have in store. 

[L4L] My first question is the clichéd… Welcome to the Lust for Live family! What can L4L audiences expect from your performance?

Well my lyrics are based on chapters of my life. When I write a song (lyrics) I just sing straight from my emotional status at that time. So guess to answer your question, the listener will hear my emotions and struggle in life.

[L4L] Cool, sounds very personal - do you ever worry about "sharing" too much or is it your release (like it is for many performers)?

Definitely a release, a treatment for depression.

[L4L] Wow, so it sounds like song writing is almost necessary for you - not just a light hearted pursuit?

Yes, music has saved my life literally. And I am always happy to put the emotion out there through music but in general conversation I don't mention such issues.

[L4L] Well, thanks for sharing that - it's brave to talk about these issues and people need to know they can. You're playing in a trio at L4L - what does playing with other people bring to your music?

Well it is not as intimate as a solo gig and I think it changes the dynamics of the song significantly. I would not say a band backing provides more or less energy but a different type of energy.

[L4L] Can you tell us how long you've been writing songs for and have you ever written anything that you thought - yep, that's the best thing I've ever done?

I wrote my first song when I was about 13 or 14 which kinda sux cause that was a bit over 20 years ago. I have written songs which I thought were ok and was happy with, but as far as the best thing I've done would have to be bringing three beautiful children into the world.

[L4L] Ha - great answer - do you write songs for your children?

No, but my daughter is 2 and constantly requests me to play the “Play school" song.

[L4L] Gotta play the hits huh… Was there an artist or band that made you pick up the guitar? And do you remember what you were listening to at the time?

[laughs] It wasn't a guitar but it was a tennis racket bopping away in my room to AC/DC, Guns & Roses, Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Bon Jovi, Michael Jackson etc. I reached a point where my tennis racket needed new strings so mum bought me an electric guitar. I suppose my main influence at that young age would be AC/DC

[L4L] As a regular performer on the local circuit what does Dubbo do well and what could they improve on?

I think open Mic nights aka muso nights are fantastic. I am really stoked with the work you guys do promoting original music. Would be great to see Dubbo hold an annual music festival similar to a blues fest or JJJ one night stand. Would also be good if a few more live music venues in town got behind original bands.

[L4L] A fun one... Any living artist in the world can cover one of your songs - who do you pick and why?

Wow that is a hard question. Maynard Keenan, I think he is quite unique in the way he conveys and expresses himself in song.

[L4L] Thanks for the chat Johnny, lastly I just wanted to ask what you've got in store musically for the next little while?

Over the next couple of months I have 4 or 5 weddings, a charity event for camp quality, a corporate function for TAFE and about 3 or 4 pub gigs. And finally a lust gig which for me will be the highlight.