Five minutes with Black Heart Breakers

"Audiences of Dubbo can expect a high energy rock n' roll show, packed with gnarly guitars, a tight rhythm section and catchy anthems..."

Do not miss Black Heart Breakers when they bring the sounds of the Sydney live music scene to Dubbo for Lust for Live, August 20 @ the Mac Inn, Dubbo. Clinton Hoy caught up with the lads to learn a bit more about what's in store.

L4L: The questions will get better than this but i have to start cliche... where's the name from and what can Dubbo audiences expect when you take the stage?

"Black Heart Breakers" was going to be the name of a project with past-members Ronnie Simmons & Steve "Woody" Woodward around the early 2010's... it never took off. When we started this band, it was suggested and we liked it.

Audiences of Dubbo can expect a high energy rock n' roll show, packed with gnarly guitars, a tight rhythm section and catchy anthems. For fans of: Stooges, Ramones, Dead Boys, Radio Birdman, Clash
- Sean

L4L: So how do you guys approach your songwriting? The bands you just listed have an intensity to their sound... Is that something to try and incorporate?

We're a punk rock band at heart, so the aggression and intensity is always gonna be there. With the songwriting, I just write about stuff going on in my life. We don't intentionally try to sound like anyone but the influences are always gonna shine through. We just try make music that we wanna hear. 
- Hayden

L4L: Do you work on melodies and progressions & riffs or take a just play and see attitude?

Every single aspect in every song is planned and thought out. Every vocal melody and word is there for a reason. I usually can hear in my head how I want the song to sound before I show the guys. We'll play it and then workshop it. "What if we try this?" is something said a lot at rehearsals. So yeah, we work on every single part of the song. Its not a lets just jam and see what happens kinda thing. 
- Hayden

You've got a few regional dates on the tour - is getting out of the city venues something you enjoy? Is the experience different or do you have to prepare differently?

We haven't really explored playing outside the big cities in the past but we are more than excited to do so! We want to spread the glory of Rock n' Roll everywhere.

The experience may be different but after we load in we are all after one goal. To get on that stage and play the best we damn can!
- Eddie

L4L: It's obvious you guys are enthusiastic about your music - we definitely are at Lust for Live, how healthy is your local original music scene and is there anyone else that people should check out that you've played with recently?

The local original music scene in Sydney is healthy as hell. I'm constantly seeing bands releasing incredible material and it’s great to see more and more people attending gigs and supporting live music. Those silly articles that read "Sydney's live music is dying" are not to be believed. Great bands and great venues are always a stone's throw away. 

There are tonnes of really talented local bands out there that we've had the pleasure of playing with. A few to name would include Rick Dangerous & The Silkie Bantams, The Bitter Sweethearts, Witch Fight, Kvlts of Vice, and many more! To get a real taste of the local music scene here, I definitely recommend seeing any of these bands. They explode on stage and really exhibit what live music is all about.
- Ben