Album review: Clinton Hoy - 'Pieces of Different Puzzles'

The title track for Clinton Hoy‘s first solo album has already received recognition having won the fRETfEST 2017/18 Regional Song Contest. This level of quality is consistent across the other 15 tracks on the album whose sonic palate delves into Pop, Rock, Folk and Acoustic joy. The themes explored are those of a man looking back to the thoughts and dreams of his younger self, transposed through the lens of different life experiences and how the pieces fit together into the 24/7 connected world he now inhabits.

In the wrong hands this could be an exercise in morbidity. However Clinton seizes the opportunity to be the optimist, exploring the beauty in the possibilities of the good things to come and what to avoid. Executed to perfection on “Atmospherians” where he deals with not wanting to be one who drifts along while life happens. The touching “Streets of Dubbo” finds him coming to terms with the home town he once felt the need to escape “Come to an understanding for all the years it took, funny how you find what you always needed the last place you look”.

An outstanding album that will speak to anyone with one foot either side of the millennial divide and for whom music is at the centre of this road trip we call life.

Patrick Coomey


About Clinton Hoy

If Clinton Hoy could just write songs all day he’d be happy. He considers himself fortunate to be part of a great band in an emerging music scene and have the luxury of performing solo and collaborating with other talented musicians.

Clinton has always got ideas, some are great, some are ill advised... some seem designed for his voice, others he doesn't have a hope in hell of being able to sing a melody over... it's all about discovery... being a good songwriter and a better human.