Five minutes with Haleigh Hing

"I did try out for the X Factor hoping to become an overnight success... but... I decided to pull out because a hard working, independent musician is far more respectable"

Haleigh Hing hits the Lust for Live stage for the first time on Saturday night, June 18, at the Macquarie Inn.

Lust for Live's Clinton Hoy catches up with one of Dubbo’s most promising young talents to talk about songwriting and inspiration.

L4L: Why do you play music?

It gives me purpose, it makes me feel like I was really made for something and that is a really uplifting thought for when I'm down in the dumps. I'm not good at very much, average grades, not good at sport, I never used to be very social but playing music has opened up my little bubble to new people and musicians, music is one of the only things that really makes me truly happy. If I'm having a bad day at school I'll just go to the music room at lunch and sing my emotions out, it's good for venting too.

L4L: As I understand, you've started to write your own songs. Do you have a process for this?

Well, I have a little sheet written out with all the chords used in a major scale, for me, lyrics come easily but writing the structure and chords and little riffs are very difficult for me and I'm learning theory to become a better songwriter. I tend to write chords first and do the Verse, Pre Chorus, Verse 2, Pre Chorus, Chorus 2, Bridge, outro structure. I'm still trying to find my sound and I've only written 3 songs.

L4L: How important is it to support and be support by local musicians?

Basically treat others how you'd want to be treated, I like having heaps of people watch me play so I should do the same for other musicians, you can learn a lot from others and I believe that if you help out a fellow musician they will help you out too.

L4L: Where do you hope to go with your music?

I did try out for the X Factor hoping to become an overnight success as everybody wishes for but after many talks with my parents I decided to pull out because a hard working, independent musician is the far more respectable than a musician who is owned by 50 companies, has their songs written for them and is basically stripped of human rights.

After I finish school I'm taking a gap year, hopefully playing gigs and I'm hoping to get into AIM in Melbourne to take up a contemporary music course and get a Bachelor’s Degree, the course focuses on song writing so I think it would be great

L4L: You can sit in a room with any musician in the world, play any song with them and ask them one question. Who would it be, what song would you choose and what would you ask?

I'd play Hey Jude with The Beatles, it'd just be beautiful. Although Ringo and George are/were great musicians, I'd have to toss a coin between Paul and John, they're just the gurus of song writing. I'd ask whoever won, "What is your process of writing songs and how do you draw so much inspiration from everything around you".