Five minutes with Grey Sky Catalyst

"Please tell me the next question is, 'if i go crazy then will you still call me superman?'"

Dubbo rockers Grey Sky Catalyst are back from a short hiatus and ready to crack out an epic set at Lust for Live on February 11 at the Macquarie In, Dubbo.

Lust for Live's Clinton Hoy caught up with band to talk about death frisbees, guitar fish and One Direction.

[Clint L4L] Q1 You get your choice to support any band in the world BUT once the support gig is done you will never hear that band again - not on the radio, not online, all of their music will completely disappear from your collection forever. Which act do you choose?

Troy: does One Direction count as a band?

Luke: You'd nearly have to pick a band you loathe so you don't ever have to listen to them again... In that case I'd pick 3 doors down. that way I'd never have to hear kryptonite ever again. haha! You'd still have to support them that one time though...

Beau: But think of the publicity!

Troy: and the payoff afterwards!

Beau: I agree with the idea of choosing our least favourite band/singer

Luke: If I had to pick any one of my favourite bands. Probably have to be The Butterfly Effect. I haven’t listened to them in years anyway. Good work team!

Troy: please tell me the next question is "if i go crazy then will you still call me superman?"

Luke: No! Stop.

[Clint L4L] Q2 is a creative one (but keep in mind kids might read this haha) - give me 10 uses for a Cymbal

Troy: hat!

Heidi: Avocado masher

Luke: Danger Frisbee!

Troy: something to keep a drummer occupied while musicians work 

Luke: an object to that make "musicians" sound good.

Beau: Dinner plate

Troy: very large guitar pick

Heidi: A sled to go down west bowlo hill

Luke: captain 'merica shield!

Jarred: A drum

Beau: One of those death Frisbees from wild wild west

Luke: mate, that's 11.

[Clint L4L] Lucky you all have a drummer to keep count 

Luke: Thanks, Clint....

[Clint L4L] I’m always here for the underdog! Q3 - in a musical context, what is this a picture of...

Troy: guitar tuner

Luke: how many answers we gave to the previous question.

Beau: Guitar fish

Jarred: Yeah, guitar tuner.

[Clint L4L] Q4 - who is your favourite musical act to form/debut after 2010? 

Beau: Or seating arrangement for a classical concert maybe

Luke: Mate, keep up. Floating Me. A combination of Cog, Karnivool and Scary Mother. Too bad they haven't released anything since their debut in 2011.

Troy: Periphery debut album was 2010. does that count?

Jarred: If Periphery counts then that is definitely my answer.

Heidi: Y'all know my answer is Montaigne. JJJ unearthed finalist 2012.

Beau: In and out of service sorry crew. Floating Me would totally be out. Formed in 2005 sorry Jarred...

Jarred: I'm that case I'll go with Gloryhammer.

[Clint L4L] Ok, I'm gonna keep things going with one last question... well an answer technically... The answer is Grey Sky Catalyst, I need you guys to come up with 5 questions to which that would be a suitable answer.

Troy: one of 4 awesome bands playing the Feb Lust4Live.

Beau: Who's ya daddy?

Jarred: What is the future of music?

Heidi: Local band with the cutest lead singer in Dub

Luke: What is Clint's 5th most anticipated band at Feb Lust4Live?