Five minutes with Tempermore


We've been working hard to get Bathurst band, Tempermore, down to Dubbo for some time, so it's a great pleasure to have them on board for Lust for Live: May 2018. We caught up with the crew for a quick chat ahead of Saturday night's show...

Describe the band for someone who has never heard you

Tempermore: Us defining our music and locking it into a particular ‘genre’ has always been an interesting talking point for us and hard to narrow down. We bring influences to Tempermore from the music we all enjoy listening to personally. It’s easy to hear our own styles meld together with the help of some funk, jazz, rock and pop sounds all in the one song! It’s gotta be heard to be believed 

Why do you play music?

Tempermore: We all enjoy playing music on a personal level, with all of us having been or being involved with other musicians and bands. As Tempermore we want to make original live music strong again and bring it back into the scene in our local communities.

What are you passionate about besides music?

Tempermore: Trick question, we’re meant to say ‘our girlfriends’, right? Music is lyf lol

In your song "Bliss" you mention "wake up and chase this feeling" - what is it that the band is chasing? What are your hopes and aims?

Tempermore: As mentioned before, I think the band is chasing the resurgence of live original music at not only a state but national level. We want to take our music as far as people are willing to listen to it!

If you could swap places with any band in the world right now who would it be any why?

Tempermore: We agreed on the Fooies. An incredibly talented and harding working band we definitely inspire to!