Five w's with... as of sky

The who / what / where / when and why of as of sky,  who are bringing their vocally driven, layers of harmonies and strings to Lust for Live, May 20, at the Macquarie Inn, Dubbo.

Who is as of sky?

I first started As of sky as a solo project but we have recently grown to a 5 piece band.  Skye Harrison (vocals, violin, guitar), Riley Warren (vocals, keys), Timothy Merrikin (double bass), Hannah Sunderland (vocals, guitar), Fraser Marshall (drums).

At Lust for Live this May we will be in trio form, Skye, Riley and Hannah.

What sort of music do we play?

I would say Indie/folk with an emphasis on the Folk.  Acoustic, vocally driven, layers of harmonies and strings.

When did we first play together?

As of sky first started playing together in our current form in August last year.

Where are we from?

We are a Newcastle based band so we mostly play in Newcastle, favourite venues are The Commons and The Lass O'Gowrie.

Why play music?

We play because we love music, as a personal expression, a creative outlet, and just for the pure joy it brings to work together on something beautiful and to share that with those around us.