Five w's with... Mucho Sonar

The who / what / where / when and why of Sydney's Mucho Sonar, set to tear it up at Lust for Live, May 20, at the Macquarie Inn, Dubbo.

Who is Mucho Sonar?

Mucho Sonar is Dutchy Nass/Lead Vocals, Mo - Guitar, BK - Guitar, Rob - Trombone, Dave - Saxaphone, Chunk - Drums 

What sort of music do you play?

It's hard to say, punky rock n roll that's heavy and with a horn section...hard to describe as there's no one who sounds like us, whether or not that's a good thing is up for you to judge

When did the group first play together?

We have all played in various bands together but we started this about 5 years ago. 

Where do you play most of your shows?

All over the east coast of Australia, there isn't a specific place. We want to get to as many folks as possible who still love live music and want to see a show that will knock them on their respective back sides. 

Why do you play music?

Music is humankind's greatest achievement. It's what drives us. 

Check out Mucho Sonar's new single "All Time Low" on Spotify now: